Colors and Types of Granite Countertops

Updated: 2013/10/21

Granite is an attractive natural rock that is formed beneath the earth's surface from trapped pockets of magma. It is the hardest of all building stones, cannot be scratched or chipped in ordinary use and is highly resistant to staining, making it a favorite selection for kitchen countertops. Black, white, blue and green are a sampling of different types of granite naturally embellished with a myriad of color variations, with no two pieces of granite being identical.


Black granite has a sleek modern appearance. Coupled with stainless steel appliances and contrasting lighter cabinets, it is a favorite choice for contemporary kitchens. The high quartz content gives it a pretty textured appearance with much depth. Secondary color streaks of white, blue, yellow, green or gray are naturally embedded in some black granite, giving it a totally different demeanor. South Africa, Sweden, India or Australia are primary locations for mining black granite.


No such thing as pure white granite exists due to the chemical compositions and striations common in granite. White granite with flecks of gray and white is excavated in China. Shades of ivory-white granite are mined in Italy and Brazil. Contemporary kitchens with white cabinets, appliances and floors incorporate white granite for that strikingly sophisticated modern appeal. Contrasting sleek black cabinets against white granite is exceptionally visually impressive.


Blue granite tile is known for its patterns that are created by minerals integrated throughout the stone. The patterns are classified into either homogeneous or veined and are created by the embedded minerals. Swirls of a secondary color, such as white, gray or other shades of blue, create the veined pattern. A uniform pattern created by an even distribution of the minerals creates a homogeneous pattern. Blue granite complements a breezy coastal cottage decor and is excavated in Brazil, Norway, Ukraine and South Africa.


With numerous distinct color variations, blue granite adds a bold punch of contrasting color against cherry, white or black kitchen cabinets. Peacock green granite comes from Brazil and is a combination of greens, blacks and blues. Emerald Pearl granite comes from Norway and showcases aqua and blue shadings. Ita Green features swirls of reddish-brown and black on dark green and is found in Brazil. If green is your preferred color, there is a green granite to complement your kitchen's decor.

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