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Company: Frazao - Rochas S.A.,
Original: Portugal Portugal Type: Stone Supplier
Language: English, Portuguese

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Telephone: 00351 243 400598
Fax: 00351 243 400606
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Frazao - Rochas S.A., is settled in the North Industrial Zone of Alcanede (the biggest zone of Portugal in limestone's exploration) managing the transformation and commercialization of all limestone types from the region, with an annual production of approximately 150.000 M2.

With a fabrication area of 6.000 M2, inserted in a total area of 34.000 M2, has as one of the main objectives the production of pavements and coverings in stone, polished, honed, aged, rustic, etc., from hard limestones.

Frazao - Rochas S.A., belongs to Grupo Fraz√£o S.A., with 40 years of experience in the activity of exploring quarries, what assures the supply and quality of the material.

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