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How to Install Granite Tile Over Laminate Countertop

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So you are tired of your old, damaged and dingy laminate granite counter tops. No Worries! You can rejuvenate them by installing granite tiles on top. Here are some steps on how to accomplish this project that would turn your kitchen counter top looking new and elegant adding value to your property.

Step 1 Remove the items on top of your laminate counter, and remove the laminate back splash using a crow bar.

Step 2 Clean the counter-top by removing pieces of debris and dust.

Step 3 Score the laminate top by using a utility blade or a sharp knife. This needs to be done so that your tiling compound can stick to the laminate counter top. If you leave the smooth laminate top, the compound may not hold which can cause the tiles to be removed or damaged easily.

Step 4 Measure the area where the granite tiles will go. Find the center where you would need to start placing your granite tiles.

Step 5 Lay down the tiles one by one, starting at the center which you marked earlier. This way, you will have an even distribution of granite tiles and you will only have to make cuts at the edges and corners. Apply your tile compound using a trowel on top of the laminate counter, then place your center tile carefully.

Step 6 Add more tiles until you have completely covered the old laminate top. Use spacers to even the grout lines and to have a finished look. Cut or trim your granite tiles as needed, whether at each end or corners using a tile cutter or a circular saw with a blade that can cut-through granite. You can cut smaller pieces to use as your but-joints and back spalshes.

Step 7 Allow to dry overnight.

Step 8 Add grout. Pick a color that closely matches the color of the granite tiles. This way it will look more seamless than choosing a different color. Apply the grout using a float to squeegee the grout.

Step 9 Wipe the excess grout with wet sponge.

Step 10 Apply grout sealer after drying overnight.

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