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The original Black Galaxy quarry was opened by ourselves in the very early 1980s and is still known to this day as Star Galaxy Granite. The myth that Japanese businessmen discovered Black Galaxy granite in 1989 is completely erroneous since quarrying had already been under way for several years! When other Indian quarrying companies saw the success we had with this material it started a rush for quarrying licences in the Ongole area. There are now many Black Galaxy quarries, some are small family run operations of a couple of acres and some are very large, commercial enterprises with many employees over twenty acres. Obtaining accurate figures of those directly employed in Galaxy quarrying production and processing in the Ongole area is difficult however estimates put it at around 20,000 in the quarries and 12,500 people in the local processing plants with maybe another 5,000 in support industries.

BLACK GALAXY GRANITE is Granite Blocks from India, welcome to buy BLACK GALAXY GRANITE with good quality and price from India suppliers and manufacturers directly.

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