Cleaning Granite and Bronze Gravestones

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Granite gravestones can be cleaned with the help of natural clean water, a non ionic detergent, and biocidal cleaning material. They can be cleaned just like marble, limestone, or sandstone headstones.

If the stone is in good and stable condition and does not have any contrasting paint on the engraving, you may use a pressure washer, too. You can gently scrub the surface with a scouring pad to remove calcium deposits on polished granite tombstones.

A bronze gravestone can be cleaned by rubbing it with a scrub brush soaked in a solution of one tablespoon of dish soap mixed in half a cup of water.

Rinse it with water and then spray distilled water on it to make the surface chemically inert. Finally, wipe it with a towel or use compressed air.

To maintain the attractive appearance of a bronze grave marker, rub a thin layer of paste wax on the memorial monument and brush the surface with the help of a shoe brush.

After a few minutes, bluff the surface in small circular motions using a dry scrub brush and rebuff with a flannel cloth.

Find further information about safely cleaning different types of headstones on this site. Besides, you can consult a conservation consultant about the proper methods and tools required for cleaning a gravestone without causing any damage to it.

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