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Quarry Location: Turkey Turkey

Stone Type: Travertine

Stone Color: White


Our construction machines working in the white travertine quarry in Denizli extract the white travertine blocks and serve them to the factory and the sector. Our company supplies white travertine in quarries both domestically and abroad.
Travertine – Consists of Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3), and is technically a carbonate rock. It occurs around hot springs and in caves. Groundwater containing calcium bicarbonate, rich in minerals, hot under hydrostatic pressure, loses pressure when it rises to the surface through a crack or reaches a cave-like cavity. The dissolved CO2 in these waters is released into the atmosphere (just like the foaming of a shaken soda when the lid is opened) and solid calcite precipitates, thus forming the Denizli Travertines.
Travertine and marbles can be considered as a kind of marble, but it differs from marble with its unique porous structure. These cavities in travertine are caused by the gases trapped inside during its formation and then released. Marble and natural stone tiles come in a variety of colors, from dark brown to almost white to beige. Sometimes there are veins of different colors on the surface. It appears as a unique color fluctuation on each tile. It is generally considered to be too porous, making it unsuitable for flooring and cladding. On the other hand, its tiles are the most popular and preferred natural stone tiles in natural stone flooring. It is highly preferred due to its unique appearance resulting from the way marble and natural stone are formed.
Denizli Travertine, a kind of beige travertine from Turkey, is widely used in bathroom, wall cladding, counter top, shower, cut-to-size stone, flooring housing etc. widely used in the fields. white travertine. It is also known as Denizli Travertine. It can also be called Denizli Classic Medium, Denizli Light Travertine, Denizli Classic light, Medium Travertine Denizli, Denizli Travertine Vein Cut, Denizli Travertine Cross Cut.

Turkey stone quarry, welcome to buy Travertine blocks from Travertine quarry owners in Turkey directly.

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