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Company: Gramar
Original: USA USA

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Telephone: 001 714 5332244
Fax: 001 714 6356312
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Gramar Profile

Gramar is a Natural and engineered stone Company founded in 2001 out of ANAHEIM, CA. Since hence Gramar has grown into a multinational company with 7 different locations around the globe. Gramar hand selects all their material so you receive the finest of what man and nature has to offer. Working with over 400 quarries, owning and operating our own in Giallo travertine and Olympia beige marble, having several exclusive lines supplied only to us, we ensure your pleasure is not short lived and becomes eternal through the ages. Gramars intuitive outlook services the trade. Gramars fresh approach and attention to detail is one of a kind.

Gramar is USA stone buyer and importer. Gramar buy stone products from different countries.

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