How to check the quality of quartz stone

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Quartz stone now is very popular. it is currently one of the most ideal cabinet countertop materials, but also the highest use rate of countertop materials. Quartz stone is made of broken glass and quartz sand as the main filler (silicon dioxide content reaches 99.9), adding unsaturated resin, stirred after high-pressure high-vibration molding.

Because the content of quartz in the plate is as high as 93, it is called quartz stone by quartz stone manufacturer. The surface of quartz stone is smooth, smooth, non-scratch, dense, non-porous, colorful, structure like glass anti-corrosion and anti-fouling, after finishing the shape as perfect as artificial stone. Compared with other materials, quartz stone has the advantages of wear resistance, scratch resistance, high temperature resistance, impermeability, colorless, etc.

What are the differences in quality of quartzite? The same is made of quartz stone, but the quality is very different. Quartz stone raw material quality will directly affect the quality of the board, the main filler quartz sand is divided into multiple grades, the price is several times the difference. Furthermore, the ratio of raw materials, if the content of quartz sand in the plate is less than 90, it will directly affect its hardness.

The main reason that affects the quality of sheet metal is the production equipment. At present, the quartz stone production process is mainly die-casting, and the tonnage of the press is the key to the quality of sheet metal. In quartz stone production, the force per square meter should be above 60 tons (the negative pressure should be above 98 under vacuum conditions), and the density of the plate should be 2.6 g/cm_.

Most of the small quartz stone factories in our country, the tonnage of the press of the small factories can not meet this requirement. The production equipment they use may still be old equipment in the early days, mainly with low quartz price to quickly occupy the market. For long-term management of the quartz stone industry, compared with the brand plate can be distinguished only by looking at the appearance, even if the appearance can not be seen, in the plate processing, can be felt when cutting.

How do we users distinguish? In fact, the quality of quartz slab is mainly the hardness of the plate, we can use iron tools such as keys, fruit knives on the surface of the plate scratched. If a white scratch occurs, it is unacceptable because the white scratch is the powder of the sheet material. If there is a black scratch qualified, because the hardness of quartz is second only to diamond, its hardness is higher than iron, the black scratch is the color of iron.

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