How to repair white glue line in quartz stone stitching

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Quartz stone is a new type of green, environmentally friendly and pollution-free building decoration material. It has the characteristics of wear resistance, pressure resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and anti-penetration which cannot be compared with other materials. It has been used more and more in cabinet countertops. In the fields of laboratory countertops, window sills, bar counters, elevator doors, floors, walls, etc., artificial quartz stone is the preferred stone for places with high environmental protection requirements for building materials. The price of quartz stone is slightly higher than other stone materials.

The problem of glue line appearing when two pieces of quartz stone plate are spliced is a very headache. Because the hardness of quartz stone is relatively high, if you want to make seamless bonding, the technical requirements for the processing and installation master are very high. Many people will ignore the seam glue line problem during installation and will find it during use. Today, I will explain to you the reasons for the appearance of the glue line and the repair method!

What is the cause of the glue line?Quartz stone countertops need to be seamlessly bonded mainly in the use of glue.

1.On-site glue preparation has strict requirements such as glue amount, quartz powder amount, inhibitor and so on. After mixing, the paste is polished. If the ingredients are not coordinated, the glue line problem will occur.

2.Using the original glue of the manufacturer, domestic famous manufacturers have strict procedures in the production of glue. Each batch of plates will be dispensed with original glue before leaving the factory. Some small manufacturers or on-site construction personnel do not pay attention to the details using similar color glue for pasting is also an important reason for the appearance of glue lines!

How to fix if there is a glue line problem? This is unavoidable due to various reasons for problems in construction. How to solve the problem is a problem that everyone cares about. If there is a glue line problem, you can contact the cabinet manufacturer or the quartz stone manufacturer (the after-sales problem is negotiated between the manufacturers). The original bonding seam is caulked using an angle grinder, and all are ground and cleaned using the original glue to make the joint bonding. After the glue is solidified, it is polished by a cornea machine, and the quality of the countertop is not affected.

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