Manually Cut a Marble Tile

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Marble tiles have an elegance and natural beauty that can enhance any room of the house. A small marble tile job, such as a kitchen or vanity backsplash, or an entryway floor may require the installer to cut the tiles by hand. Cutting marble tiles manually can save a homeowner the expense of a tile saw, especially for small jobs where only a few cuts will be made.

Firstly, mark each marble tile where the cut will be made with the straightedge and pencil.

Secondly, place the marble tile on a flat surface. Place the tile cutter on the line marked and press firmly, holding the tile with the opposite hand, pushing the cutting wheel across the surface of the tile.

Thirdly, grasp the marble tile firmly on either side of the cut, and push the tile along the cut line by applying steady and firm pressure until the tile breaks along the scored line. For thick tiles, place a heavy metal wire into the scored line and push the tile from either side of the wire, breaking it into two.

Tips & Warnings

Very thick or hard-to-break stone tiles may require several passes with the tile scoring tool until a deep enough notch is carved so that the tile will break along the line.

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