Nano Crystallized Glass Stone Tiles for Interior Decoration

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Properties of non holed Nano crystallized glass
1、better properties than natural stones
nano crystallized glass has uniform structure, high density, strength, compressive strength, banding strength and impact toughness would be better than natural stones. Wearing resisted,no easy to be damaged, and would not have slight cracking lines on the surface like natural stones.
2、Exquisite structure and sparkling shinning surface
nano crystallized glass not only have the special crystal composition, but also have the special glass composition. Its exquisite structure and sparkling shinning surface would cause diffuse reflection to the entering light. It would let you feeling harmonious.
3、Different colors to be used on extensive usage
The production technique of crystallized glass can be changed depending on different usage to make the products with different colors. (such as white, beige, and black.)。
4、Superior acid, alkali and weather resisting
its resistance to the acid and alkali, provided it a superior resistance to those corrosive stuffs. Perhaps, its properties would be better than the natural stones. Especially its resistance to the weather, this product would not have color change even putting under sunlight permanently and would not affect its strength either.
5、Superior resistance to the pollutants and convenient to be cleaned
nano crystallized glass have a low water adsorption, which is nearly zero. Most of the filthy mud, painting solutions would not stain into the material. Therefore the dirt on the surface would be very easy to be cleaned. That would be extremely convenience to those constructing detergents to maintain the material tidy.
6、Can be tempered and process to be banding tiles
nano crystallized glass can be tempered which is similar to the normal glass and reformed to be different shapes such as columns
7、Do not have radioactivity, harmless to human body
all the materials which have radiations were removed during production. Therefore nano crystallized glass does not have any radioactivity like the natural stones do. It is a modern, save and environment-friendly product.
8、the molecular structure of nano crystallized glass, high plasticity
its molecular structure has reached the nano level and formed fibered shape structure. Close packing of the particles, high impact resistance to satisfy the cutting, drilling, carving and polishing procedures.

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