Opustone Natural Stone Distributors

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Company: Opustone Natural Stone Distributors
Original: United States United States

Contact Information
Contact Person:
Telephone: (305) 594-4200
Email: info@opustone.com
Verified Web: www.opustone.com
Opustone Natural Stone Distributors Profile

Opustone was founded in 2001 by Eric Schigiel, a young entrepreneur whose interest in stone evolved from his experience with his father's high-end construction business. By sourcing the very best quality stones from around the world, it didn't take long for Schigiel to quickly establish himself as one of the nation's foremost experts on decorative and ornamental stone, and Opustone as one of the region's most sought-after distributors.

It's easy to experience the difference when you visit an Opustone showroom today, where stone slabs are presented in a gallery-like setting, as if exhibiting nature's most precious works of art. Not only does Opustone house a staggering array of premium quality natural and engineered stone slabs and tiles, but it also remains ahead of the latest looks and design trends, offering a wealth of pure design inspiration as well.

Opustone Natural Stone Distributors is United States stone buyer and importer. Opustone Natural Stone Distributors buy stone products from different countries.

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