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Original Country: Brazil Brazil
Post Date: 2022/11/6
Expire Date: 30/06/2023

Main Products: Brazilian Quartzite Sao Tome

Our Company exports the Brazilian quartzite “Sao Tome”, a stone only found in a specific region of Brazil, which is characterized by its resistance and versatility. With a variety of colors, it can be used indoors or outdoors, on floors, walls, decorative or landscape elements. On external floors, it keeps its beauty under the harshest weathers. It maintains a pleasant temperature during sunny days, which makes it ideal for use around swimming pools. Available in various shapes, such as wall and floor tiles, fillets, flagstones, treads, swimming pool borders or mosaics, including custom patterns.

Some advantages of using the original Sao Tome Brazilian quartzite:

- Non-slip, tough and durable.
- Require little maintenance and are easy to replace – the stones are found in regular patterns.
- Can be used indoors and outdoors.
- Do not absorb heat or moisture, keeping a pleasant temperature even during the hottest days.
- Extremely weather resistant.

We only work with the genuine stones extracted from the region of Sao Tome - Brazil.

Global Picks brings to the market high quality products and guarantees the transparency of its operations through certificates of origin and inspections by internationally accredited agents.

Contact Person: Paulo Treu
Company Name: Global Picks Brasil
Tel: +55 21 999042220
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