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My partners and I are considering starting up att company selling different stone products in Sweden and we have some questions about your producs.

-First question is the prices for the following products:

G603 Granite Pavel
G655 Granite Kerbstone
G654 Granite Paver
G684 Circle Pavers
G603 Cube stone
G682 Cube stone
Zangpu black cube stone
Radius kerbs

-Then we also wondered if the radius kerbs are also available as straight kerbs and if there are different lenghts and thickness?

-We also wonder if you have steps in granite, and if so are they available in different lenghts and thickness?

-How long are your delivery time to Sweden, and how many pallets does it take to fill up a container? Is there a better price if you fill up a container, instead of just single pallet spots?

-Are you delivering to anyone else in Sweden?

-Do you have granite fasade stone with a rough surface?

-And finally we would like to know if you have granite poles and if so are they are available in the sizes 20x20cm and 30x30cm and is it possible to get them in different heights?

Looking forward to hear back from you

Kind regards

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