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Types of beige marble colorsPosted Date: 2024/1/16   Visitors: 91Beige marble preserves the luminosity of light colors but incorporates chromatic warmth thanks to its toasted tones. It can contain brighter streaks than its base or darker streaks, radically changing the appearance of each variety. MOSCATO BEIGE Mosca ......
The most important names of marble in the worldPosted Date: 2023/11/13   Visitors: 89* CALCATTA MARBLE It is one of the rarest and most popular types of marble, which is confused with Carara marble due to similarities in color and design. Like Carrara marble, it is mined in Italy and is known for its pattern of dark and thick veins on a l ......
Difference Between Artificial Stones and Natural StonesPosted Date: 2013/11/7   Visitors: 2363Stones are important for home constructing. Stones plays important role for both exterior and interior designing of the home. Stones are used for various purposes at home construction. From building beautiful walls of the house to decoration pieces, stones a ......
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