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Akdo Mosaic tiles: New collection plays with decorative patternsPosted Date: 2019/9/24   Visitors: 367?Allureā€œ is a play on lines by Akdo, Turkish Silkar's well known design brand. Seen as an entire mural design, the collection comes in a variety of three patters, lines from ceiling to floor and wall to wall, closed surface patterns, and last but not lea ......
Stone Keywords in Google SearchPosted Date: 2013/10/20   Visitors: 1410landscaping stone High natural stone Medium stone flooring High stone slabs Medium stone design Medium stone source Low granite stone Medium stone quarry Low stone tile High black stones Low stone table tops High n ......
Stone Tile Application Ideas for BathroomPosted Date: 2013/6/16   Visitors: 1539Bathroom tile is both functional and aesthetic. Tile in inherently antibacterial, wet areas like the bathroom works best with or natural stone on the floor. Well, today we would like to share some tile application ideas for reference. Marble is one of t ......
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