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Brahma Granitech, India is a natural carving stone bathtubs manufacturer in India. We produce only highest quality marble bathtubs for your luxurious enjoyment. All the materials are carefully selected to achieve perfect quality. Each of stone bathtubs is carefully examined and sealed in our factory.
There are a wide range of marble colors to choose. Most of our customers choose to make ellipse (oval) marble bathtubs which are very popular and fashionable. While some customer choose square granite bathtubs.

The finish of a marble bath tub can be polished, honed, or natural. Normally sized 1800x800x550mm.We can produce custom marble bathtub for your project, miminum order quantity is only 1 piece!

Stone Bathtub Sandstone Bathtub is Stone Bathtub from India, welcome to buy Stone Bathtub Sandstone Bathtub with good quality and price from India suppliers and manufacturers directly.

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