The Unique Charming of Natural Stone

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Generally, the natural stone is as the paving and patio material. Natural stone has different colors, shapes and textures, so using the natural stone for landscaping are loved by people. Natural landscape stone can be incorporated into all kinds of landscape design with different styles, both classical and modern.

You could buy natural stone everywhere. Natural stone includes pebbles, paving stone for pavement and lane, gravel, block, and other stone materials. The price of natural stone depends on the local conditions and the origin of stone country.

The natural landscape stone is very suitable for laying on the ground, the effect is very good. Other common use is used as for the lane, the surface of patio, steps, benches, etc.

Select the correct natural landscape stone is mainly based on its function. For example, the gateway for reception and entertainment, it is best to choose the stones that with smooth surface, to adapt to the friction of all kinds of shoes, especially the friction of high-heeled shoes. If it is for the steps, you need to choose the one with the slippery resistance and it can produce traction in humid.

Similarly, the stone with smooth surface is also suitable for the outdoor or other area, like for rest, dining place, these areas need the horizontal ground. In addition, the stone material for the meal should use the one with less pore or no- absorb grease and besmirch.

Colour is another important aspect for the natural landscape stone, because it will affect the overall appearance and space visual. You can use the light color stone to increase the dark brightness; on the other hand, you can also use the stone with dark or gray or chocolate to fade the bright brightness.

Natural landscape stone can not only help to enhance the beautiful area of pavement, it can also beautify the landscape area, such as pond, waterfalls, protective wall and others. Natural stone also can prevent the loss of water and soil erosion and ensure the safety of the lane.

Due to that the natural stone material is the one that conforms to the appearance of residential, so it is increasing popularity, which plays an unique charming in formal and informal landscape design.

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