Types of grey limestones

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The range of the grey limestones is vast. Some embrace the warm tones, for example, those of mole colors and others are closer to colder tones, where the gray acquires bluish reflections.


Gris Alborán is another limestone that comes close to the appearance of cement. Its grey base has an explosion of black particles. It also presents grains of different sizes, so in some sections, it is smoother than in others.


Placa piedra caliza gris - Twilight Grey - Grey limestone plate
Twilight Grey has a clear base in very homogeneous smoke tones. It contains fossils as small spots in the lead, pearl, and white tones. Similar to the previous two types of grey limestones, this elegant limestone combines the quality of natural stone with the appearance of cement.


Osiris Grey is a grey limestone that contains graceful fossils in its composition. Its mole base is tinged with a multitude of creamy sparkles thanks to its marine traces, suspended in an eternal flow.


Grey Navy is another grey, bluish limestone dotted with a myriad of dots ranging from silvery grey to the occasional grey ochre.

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