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Trade Type: Sell
Original Country: Egypt Egypt
Post Date: 2013/11/5
Expire Date: 31/12/2013

Main Products: Egypt Marbles, Egypt Granites

If interested to import any of our Egyptian products displayed at our web page, please send us your inquiry through our web site by just one click under “get a quote” to enable us to quote you our very competitive wholesale price on C&F basis.

Contact Person: Nader Boulos
Company Name: Nader Riad and Partners For Int. Trade
Tel: 0201222768953
Fax: 20226354826
Email: Email
Website: Website

Order Inquiry

Post Date: 2014/7/8        Expire Date: 2015-12-29
Main Products: Iran Marbles
Iran Iran
Post Date: 2014/3/10        Expire Date: no
Main Products: Granite Kerbstones
China China
Post Date: 2014/12/3        Expire Date: 01/12/2020
Main Products: Brazil Granites
Brazil Brazil
Post Date: 2013/12/23        Expire Date: 12/122014
Main Products: India Granite Slabs
India India
Post Date: 2013/2/25        Expire Date: 31st,Dec,2018
Main Products:
China China

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