Which are the most common uses and applications of Thassos marble in architecture and interior design?

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Marble as a material is a multidimensional, elegant natural stone that gives a sense of luxury and harmony in every space. Its different samples with numerous finishes, colors and stylish patterns permit its application and wonderful combinations in interior design, that could represent the traditional, modern, or minimal style.

Thassos Snow White marble supports every possible application. It is used on floors, walls, kitchen countertops, bathrooms, fireplace designs, pillars or even furniture, offering a pitch of elegance and glory in every application. Marble mosaics or tiles offer a range of incredible surface consistency, shapes and colors when used on walls or floor. They can be combined with many other materials, rendering a unique geometrical result (hexagon, chevron, herringbone, square, 3d cube or basket), and giving minimalistic or maximalistic shapes with extremely elegant sense in the room. Samples of white marble that are used in large pieces on floors are very impressive, since they can really upgrade a space with the appropriate choice of color and pattern.

Besides, flexibility in using the white marble of Thassos is one of the main reasons why it remains a top choice for architects, interior designers and building managers.

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