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kuppam green
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kuppam green

Update Time: 2018/8/27
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Supplier Location: India

Material Type: Granite
Main Color: Green
Surface Finish: Polished

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Category: Stone Slabs - Granite Slabs Competitive Price Price

Country: India

Stone Type: Granite

Slabs:Gang saw Saw Slabs 2cm /3cm

Surface Finish: Polished/Honed Leather/Lap porte

This stone is especially good for Exterior - Interior wall and floor applications, monuments, countertops, mosaic,
fountains, pool and and other design projects.

Slabs:Gang saw Saw Slabs 2cm /3cm

Tiles: (305/610 x 305, 400/600 x 300, 400/600 x 400, 457 x 457) x 10mm.
(12''24'' x 12''/24'', 16'' x 16'', 18'' x 18'') x 3/8''.

Cut to size:
300/400/600/900 x 300/400/600 /20/30/40mm.

Steps & Risers: 1000-2000 x 300-350 x 20/30/40mm. 1000-2000 x 130-160 x 20/30/40mm.

Facades:600/900/1200 x 600 x 25/30/40mm.

Countertops:78''/96''/108'' x 25-1/2''/26''/36'' x 3/4''/30/20+20mm laminated.

Vanity tops:25''/37''49''/61'' x 19''/22'' x 3/4''.

Any customized dimensions ACCEPTED!
Plea. email us.

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