silver mink porcelain slab wall tile
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silver mink porcelain slab wall tile

Update Time: 2019/1/21
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Supplier Location: China
Material Type: Artificial
Main Color: Grey
Surface Finish: Polished
Pattern Style:

Reference Price: US$ / M2

Shipping Port:
Minimum Order:  M2
Payment Terms:
Packing Details: wooden bundle, wood crate
Delivery Ability: 5000m2

Porcelain slabs are large version of the normal tiles. This is an important novelty in the industry. Similar to marble, granite or quartz slabs, they are mostly used for kitchen and bathroom countertops as well as an alternative for large format tiles on walls and floors. These slabs usually measure 126”x63” (320cm x 160cm). One of the most recognized industry leaders is the factory direct manufactured brand, a world leader in ceramic enamels. We have the most advanced factory with revolutionary technology. Our porcelain slabs are produced in Chinese local plant. The design and quality of the slabs are excellent and allow for interior and exterior use. These slabs will stay in pristine quality under very low as well as high temperatures. Their qualities surpass the industry known products like Statuario, Calacatta and others. The advantage they possess is that they don't absorb anything, which makes it ideal for both commercial and domestic use. Not only are they more practical but arguably more consistent with color schemes compared to natural stones. This is a perfectionist's ideal product due to the consistency quality, which you won't find with a natural stone like marble. Being man-made, porcelain slabs allow for unimaginable perfectionism in detail and quality that has yet to be competed against.

Shapes and sizes
The sizes commonly used for tiles has been increasing and will continue to increase. The most frequently used sizes that Iberia carries are 36” x 36” (90cm x 90cm). 24”x48” (60cm x 120cm). 40”x40” (100cm x 100cm). 30”x60” (75cmx150cm). 48”x48” (120cm x 120cm). Iberia Tiles has always been ahead and will continue to be up to date with market trends. When it comes to installing these products it requires the same amount of work but it does also require knowledge about the product and certain specifics stated on the installation manuals.

Exterior uses
Porcelain is ideal and economical for exterior uses like in pools, patios, and gardens. This requires very little maintenance. For pools, Iberia Tiles is an exclusive distributor of Rosa Gres outdoor and pool tiles. These Rosa Gres products have been requested and used by architects in some of the most iconic buildings in Miami, other areas of the US, as well as the Carribean Islands. Some of the projects include Brickell City Center, Miami Bay Club, O′Residences, Intown and other projects as well. For these projects their pools were an important part of their property.

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