Nano Crystallized Glass Panel
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Nano Crystallized Glass Panel

Update Time: 2022/9/26
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Supplier Location: China
Material Type: Artificial
Main Color: White
Surface Finish: Polished
Pattern Style:

Reference Price: US$ / M2

Shipping Port: China Shznezhen Port
Minimum Order: 300 M2
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, Western Union, Cash
Packing Details: Wooden Crate and Bundle Packing
Delivery Ability: 7~10 days for one 20 foot container

Crystallized Nano Glass, the white is the most mature and popular products.Compared with Micro Crystal Glass,the biggest advantage is that the whole body has no small little holes, higher hardness and strength.
Suitable for interior and exterior,walls and flooring tile,cylindrical cladding,especially suitable for kitchen countertop and bathroom vanity top.

Slab Size: 150x280cm 160x280ccm 160x300cm
Thickness: 1.2cm 1.8cm 2.5cm 3.0cm

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