Micro Crystal Glass Stone Slab
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Micro Crystal Glass Stone Slab

Update Time: 2022/9/26
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Supplier Location: China
Material Type: Artificial
Main Color: White
Surface Finish: Polished
Pattern Style:

Reference Price: US$ / M2

Shipping Port: China Shznezhen Port
Minimum Order: 300 M2
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, Cash
Packing Details: Wooden Pallet with Carton Packing,or Driect Crate Packing
Delivery Ability: 7~10 days for one container if in stock.

Micro Crystal Glass has stable physical and chemical properties,with either indoors or outdoors,has never faded.They are widely used in private homes and public places decoration materials,like hotels, airports,villas as interior and exterior flooring and walls,column pillar surface,as well as kitchens,bathrooms,any commercial application.

Slab Size:120x240cm 160x280cm 160x320cm
Thickness: 1.2cm 1.8cm 2.5cm 3.0cm

When we compounds the Micro Crystal glass frit on the ceramic brick embryo in twice firing under the temperature of 1200℃.It has combined the advantages of the crystallized glass and the ceramics, Follow the conventional thickness and specification of ceramics. The thickness of 2.5~3.5mm on the surface of tile has the same function and effect as Micro Crystal Glass Stone.
Because the manufacturing cost is lower,the price has the advantage, suitable for hotels, office,villas...indoor and outdoor, walls and flooring.

Tile Size: 60x60 80x80 60x120 cm
Cutting Size:30x30 30x60 40x40 40x80 cm
Thickness: 1.2cm 1.4cm 1.6cm

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