Lilia Classic Tile
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Lilia Classic Tile

Update Time: 2021/4/9
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Supplier Location: Turkey
Material Type: Marble
Main Color: Beige
Surface Finish: Polished
Pattern Style:

Reference Price: US$ / M2

Shipping Port: Izmir
Minimum Order:  M2
Payment Terms:
Packing Details: carton-boxed in wooden crates
Delivery Ability:

Lilia Classic is the classic quality selection of the Lilia marble family. It has more veining and variation compared to other selections from the Lilia quarry such as Lilia LG and Lilia Standard. The Lilia quarry is located in Burdur, therefore Lilia is also known as Light Burdur Beige Marble.

We apply high-quality UV-resistant epoxy onto the front, and epoxy & mesh onto the back of tiles. Epoxy strengthens the structure of marble. All our tiles are chip-bevelled and carton-boxed to prevent breakages during handling. We also spray marble granules onto the mesh at the back, so that the adhesive used during installation can work.

Available tile sizes:

610x610x13mm, 457x457x13mm
406x610x13mm, 406x406x13mm
305x610x13mm, 305x457x13mm
305x305x13mm, 200x305x13mm

We can also produce different sizes upon request.

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