Block Cutting Machine For Granite
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Block Cutting Machine For Granite

Update Time: 2021/4/16
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Supplier Location: China

Reference Price: US$ 28000-32000 / M2

Shipping Port: XIAMEN
Minimum Order: 1 M2
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, Credit Card
Packing Details: Standard Package
Delivery Ability: 500 Sets Per Month

SQC/PC-2200/2500/2800 Top Brand Stone Block Cutting Machine uses PLC system and Human-machine interface, combined with Ultra-high precision rotary encoder to slice, uses inverter to control left-right feeding and adjusts the speed according to the stone material. It uses hydraulic lifting system, and the forward-backward slicing uses high-precision screw nut driving, automatic slicing. The key part adopt imported good-quality spare parts. The block can be placed on the ground directly and economize the worktable and its maintenance costs. The whole machine is featured with high cutting efficiency, high slicing precision, flatness of plate after cutting, high stability, easy-operating to suit granite and marble block with high value.
NOTE:360° rotating worktable can be selected if customer requires.

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