Classicc Silver Travertine - Latte Silver Travertine
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Classicc Silver Travertine - Latte Silver Travertine

Update Time: 2021/9/18
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Supplier Location: Turkey
Material Type: Travertine
Main Color: Grey
Surface Finish: Tumbled
Pattern Style:

Reference Price: US$ / M2

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Minimum Order:  M2
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Since 1943, Reisoglu is a leading travertine, marble, beige marble, limestone, andesite, basalt, onyx, granite, world stones, quarry owner, manufacturer, exporter and marketing company.Production capacity is 80.000 m3 at the quarries, 1.250.000 m2 in our 3 factories per year.Efesus Stone collection comprises of slabs, tiles, mosaics, cnc designs, waterjet, accessories and sinks in a wide range of natural stones.

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