Granite Blue from North India
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Granite Blue from North India

Update Time: 2022/6/14
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Supplier Location: India
Material Type: Granite
Main Color: Blue
Surface Finish: Polished
Pattern Style:

Reference Price: US$ 100 / M2

Shipping Port:
Minimum Order: 100 M2
Payment Terms:
Packing Details: 1) Tiles & cut to size in Fumigated wooden crates. inside will cover by foamed plastics (polystyren
Delivery Ability: Depend on the sizes, quantities of your order.

Size:Slabs available
Tiles available 305 x 305mm or 12” x 12”400 x 400mm or 16” x 16”457 x 457mm or 18” x 18”600 x 600mm or 24” x 24”, etc
Thickness:Normal exported 18mm thickness,?10-50mm are available.
Usage:For internal and external decoration?and construction.wall panel, floor tile,?stairs, paving, wall cladding, counter top, vanity are available.

Packing:1) Tiles & cut to size in Fumigated wooden crates.?inside will cover by foamed plastics (polystyrene).
2) Slabs in fumigated wooden bundle with L brackets.

Quality Assurance:During the whole production process, from material choosing,?fabrication to package, our quality assurance people will strictly-control each single and every process to ensure quality standards and punctual delivery.

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