stone cutting machine spring cone crusher used in quarry

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It is the main equipment used for medium and fine crushing of ores or rocks with different hardness in such industries as metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, water and electricity and road paving, which is characterized by reliable structure, stable running, high production efficiency, convenient adjustment and uniform granularity of products.
Our company has a history for manufacturing as long as almost 20 years, the cone crushers are main products of our company. Such four specifications are available for ordinary cone crushers as 900, 1200, 1750 and 2200. Three kinds of cavity crushing type of cavity, standard and short-end types are available for each specification respectively, which can meet the medium and fine crushing demands in different ore crushing flow of different users.

Composition of spring cone crusher: It is mainly composed of drive, supporting sleeve, adjustment cover, eccentric bushing, bowl-shaped bearing frame, breaking cone, feeding support parts, hydraulic and lubricating system and spring parts.

Operating principle of crusher: When the crusher is operated, the rotary motion of motors is transmitted to the eccentric bushing through couplers, transmission shafts and cone gears. The breaking cone parts perform the rotary motion around a fixed point under the forced movement of eccentric bushing. The crushing wall from breaking cone sometimes approaches while leaves in other times the wall surface of rolled mortar fixed on the adjustment cover to enable the ores to crush under constant impact, extrusion and bending inside the crushing cavity. The crushed ores are discharged out of the crushing
cavity from ore discharging mouth relying on dead weight.

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