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Company: Lastrico
Original: Poland Poland

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Telephone: (+48 91) 424 13 54
Fax: (+48 91) 317 65 46
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Over the past few years, the Company participated in various competitions for the promotion of natural stone solutions in daily life. The main prizes and mentions awarded to our Company are inclusive of the first place and the title of the Tombstone of the Year 2000 contest held by the Stone World bi-monthly magazine and a mention in Stone 2002 contest in the "architectural design, sculpture and interior" category. One of the most valuable mentions was a diploma awarded to the Company by the Institute for Industrial Design during the Gryfland 2002 Szczecin International Trade Fair for the design of a shower tray made of natural stone. Lastrico is also the proud holder of the FAIR PLAY COMPANY 2002 title awarded by the National Chamber of Commerce.

Lastrico is Poland stone buyer and importer. Lastrico buy stone products from different countries.

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