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Quartz Countertops vs MarblePosted Date: 2023/4/24   Visitors: 284Quartz countertops are much more durable than marble countertops. Marble scratches and stains easily, while quartz countertops resist scratching and staining. Marble countertops require frequent maintenance, but quartz countertops never need to be sealed or ......
Quartz Countertops vs GranitePosted Date: 2023/4/24   Visitors: 246Quartz countertops are stronger than granite countertops. Quartz is an extremely hard mineral. Granite also absorbs liquids and stains, while quartz is completely nonabsorbent. Quartz countertops are maintenance free. Granite countertops need to be sealed an ......
What is the size and weight of quartz stone slabs Question and AnswerPosted Date: 2019/9/26   Visitors: 472Quartz stone standard slab size is 120" x 55", available in 2cm (3/4") and 3cm (1-1/4") thicknesses. The 2cm slab weighs approximately 10.3 lbs/sq. ft. (475 lbs. for 2cm slab and 710 lbs. for 3cm slab). ......
Quartz Stone Slabs Production ProgressPosted Date: 2019/3/19   Visitors: 1147Quartz Stone Slabs Production Progress Quartz Stone Slabs Production Progress
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