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China China stone importer need Granite Blocks and Slabs ... 2017/12/14    Premium Member   50 V-Coins

Hello. We need attached photo of Granite. We need high quantity for regular orders. Please help for this stone and give us prices for blocks and slabs. Thanks.

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Lebanon Lebanon stone importer need Sandstone Tiles ... 2017/12/14    Premium Member


I am interested in your product Popular Cream Sandstone Wall Patterns Tiles, I would like some more details.

I look forward for your reply.


USA USA stone importer need Iran Onyx ... 2017/12/14    Premium Member

Do you have other photos of the slabs in natural light without any backlighting?

Also, do you ship to Dallas, Texas?

Thank you.

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India India stone importer need Iran Marble Blocks and Slabs ... 2017/12/14    Premium Member

Looking for grey marquino blocks and slab .1000 sqm. 2 cm and full slab.. please contact for supply.
like the picture. please contact me on whats app.

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Brazil Brazil stone importer need India Granites ... 2017/12/14    Premium Member   100 V-Coins

We receive many inquiries for projects and we are looking for good prices to attend them!!
Please, give me price for a full container, 2cm, polished (FOB)!

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Italy Italy stone importer need Limestone Tiles, Travertine Tiles ... 2017/12/14    Premium Member

Dear Sir.

We kindly ask you to send us samples, technical data sheet and quotation for the specified QTY
concerning flooring as follows:

SB2 - 'Marble Gray' limestone - Mq. 2,200 (two thousand two hundred) - Dimensions: 40x40x1,1 - 100x50x1,1 - 90x30x1,1

A3 - 'Pietra serena' sandstone - Mq. 1,100 (thousand) - Measurements: Measurements - 40x40x1,1 - 100x50x1,1 - 90x30x1,1

A1 - 'Travertine' limestone - Mq. 3,100 - Dimensions: 40x40x1,1 - 100x50x1,1 - 90x30x1,1
Please specify if possible:

1 - Transport C & F Umm Qasr, Iraq.
2 - Weight and volume
3 - Timing of supply.

Thanking you in advance
Best regards

Canada Canada stone importer need Iran Marbles ... 2017/12/13    Premium Member

Please quote Pietra grey marble slab 2 & 3 CM. We need one container. Good quality .Less white veins.

Indonesia Indonesia stone importer need Turkey Marbles ... 2017/12/13    Premium Member   50 V-Coins

dear sir/madam

please submit price per m2 regarding ice blue marble.
premium quality.
look forward hearing from you soon.

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United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates stone importer need China Granites ... 2017/12/13    Premium Member

G623 Grey Granite´╝îI want step 3cm with riser 2cm how much the fob price for RM?

Australia Australia stone importer need Marble Products ... 2017/12/13    Premium Member

I have been contracted on by the New South Wales government (Sydney's governing body) to spearhead a project where we are marble plating all of Sydney's iconic buildings. Once completed in 2024 Sydney will rebrand itself as 'Sydney - the world's most marblelous city'.

We are looking at beginning with Sydney Harbour bridge and need an estimated 130,000m2 of marble - construction begins as soon as we have a reliable shipment schedule.

What is your pricing structure for bulk orders and can you offer my a selection of the variety of marble?

Kuwait Kuwait stone importer need Marble Slabs and Tiles ... 2017/12/13    Premium Member

I wanna pure white marble, please mail me price list for slabs and Tiles

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Qatar Qatar stone importer need Artificial Stone Slabs ... 2017/12/13    Premium Member

Hi,Im interested in your product Acrylic Solid Surface Supplier & Manufactures of Baotrol, I need price for modified 12mm x 76cm x 366cm, One container Monthly. I would like some more details. I look forward for your reply.

Algeria Algeria stone importer need Onyx Blocks ... 2017/12/13    Premium Member

I am interested in Yellow Onyx Blocks,the yellow like the picture. Pls send your photos n price to my email.

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UAE UAE stone importer need Marble Slabs, Granite Slabs ... 2017/12/12    Premium Member   100 V-Coins

I want This Black & Gold 2cm thick slabs in regular quantity. (2~5 containers per month.)
Price is the main care.

My target price would be around *** FOB.
Can anyone support me?

See attached photo.
Also please check for blue pearl granite gangsaw slabs 2cm thickness polished from China.

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India India stone importer need G654 Granite, Baltic Brown Granite Tiles ... 2017/12/12    Premium Member   50 V-Coins

I am regular buyer for China granites.
Currently I am looking for 2 colors:
1). size 600*600*18, Baltic brown, In median dark colour. 1000Sqm.
2). size 600*600*18, G654, 1500Sqm.
I attached photo for reference.

Please quote price with your exact color photo.
Thank you in advance.


Baltic Brown Granite

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Vietnam Vietnam stone importer need Granite Tiles ... 2017/12/12    Premium Member   100 V-Coins


We are building a new airport and need a lots of high quality and cheap price Granite with the speicification like the file below (attachement) please go thru it and kindly give us best quotation,

For faster talking, please whatsapp me

Thank you

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Mongolia Mongolia stone importer need Green Onyx Carvings ... 2017/12/12    Premium Member   50 V-Coins

We need onyx stone craft, like the picture, if you have please send me price and picture.

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UAE UAE stone importer need Beige Marble Tiles ... 2017/12/12    Premium Member   100 V-Coins

Please quote as per attached .
Please quote for following types of marble.
1). Beige
2) Terrazzo

Best Regards

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Poland Poland stone importer need Chinese Quartz, Granite and Marbles ... 2017/12/12    Premium Member


We are a company from Poland. We sell stones and please send me your price list to quartz, granites, marbles and agglomarbles.
Thank you.

Best Regards

Thailand Thailand stone importer need Granite Products ... 2017/12/12    Premium Member

Hello Sir/Madam

Hope you have a nice day. We are interesting to buy the Granite and the sand from the river or the sea to ship to Singpore.

Looking forward to your soonest respond.

Best regards

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