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USA USA stone importer need Turkey Marbles ... 2018/6/21     Premium Member

I want to buy your stone product Lilac Newyork Marble Slabs, please give me price with production photos and details, and contact me for further information by email quickly.
California, USA

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Slovakia Slovakia stone importer need Italy Sandstones ... 2018/6/21     Premium Member

I am interested in a 140x40 cm 2cm thickness cut for a table top.
Do you deliver in Europe?
May I inquire about the price of such size?

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Zambia Zambia stone importer need Beige Marbles ... 2018/6/20     Premium Member

How much for Beige Marble FOB?
Which thickness do you have? Let me know so I can choose.
And how many sqm is the minimum order?

Australia Australia stone importer need Marble Slabs ... 2018/6/20     Premium Member


I am interested in buying some Panda marble slabs and was hoping you can send me some images of any bundles you may have available at the moment. I was hoping to get a length of 2400mm if possible.

Looking forward to seeing what you have in stock.

Thank you.

Kind Regards

Kuwait Kuwait stone importer need Turkey Marbles ... 2018/6/20     Premium Member

i am interested in Marmara marble
send to me quotation

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Singapore Singapore stone importer need White Marble Slabs ... 2018/6/20     Premium Member

Require for kitchen island 7ft by 2.5ft

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Italy Italy stone importer need Brown Marbles ... 2018/6/19     Premium Member

Send me your good price fob in my mail please

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Australia Australia stone importer need Quartz Slabs ... 2018/6/19     Premium Member


We are wholesalers for Marble Slabs and Tiles based in Sydney Australia and have 20 years’ experience in selling high quality marble
We are interested in selling high quality Quartz slabs as an alternative.

Recently I came to know from a friend that are producing big size Quartz slabs.
Therefore I would like to visit your factory on June 30 to share my experience with you.
Please let me know so I can plan my trip accordingly.

Best regards

Oman Oman stone importer need Vietnam Marble Tiles ... 2018/6/19     Premium Member   100 V-Coins

Hi every one

Am looking for marble VITNAM WHITE size 30*60*2cm

800 sqm

India India stone importer need Fantasy Brown Marble, Alaska White, Tan Brown ... 2018/6/19     Premium Member

Sir I am an importer from India and Usa, I am opening a granite showroom in Canada. I want all the canadaian colour available to you please reply me as soon as possible with rates and names of the marble specially Fantacy brown ,Alaska white ,tan brown

Egypt Egypt stone importer need Quartz Stone Tiles ... 2018/6/19     Premium Member   100 V-Coins

I am looking for 20 containers of artificial tiles. 320mm*160mm*18mm.
Snow white quartz and super white quartz, I need both.
T/T 30 & 70 terms.
I expect better quality and good price.

Vietnam Vietnam stone importer need India Granite Blocks ... 2018/6/19     Premium Member

I am a mr Ta
I in Vietnam
I am looking for to buy granite block from India
Color black
Please send offer and photos

Black Granite

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Australia Australia stone importer need Chinese Basalts ... 2018/6/19     Premium Member

Hi. We need 40m2 of this tile.

Size: 15mmH x 400mmW x 400mm D
Finish: Honed 3 1
Lay: Stack Bond
Slip Rating: P3

Your best price including shipping please.

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Lebanon Lebanon stone importer need Iran Travertines ... 2018/6/19     Premium Member

Marble, travertine and onyx. Block and slab price .
Note : for travertino filled and polished.
For marbles and onyx polished
Plz be informed that if phone is off then am travelling. Willing to hear from you . Thanks

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USA USA stone importer need Brazil Granites ... 2018/6/19     Premium Member   100 V-Coins

Looking for a granite manufacturer that we can purchase per containers.

Hours Monday-Friday 830a-5pm EST Time

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Sri Lanka Sri Lanka stone importer need Stone Spilitting Machines ... 2018/6/19     Premium Member

I am interested in your stone product Splitting Machine, please give me price and details quickly.

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South Africa South Africa stone importer need Black Pebble Stones ... 2018/6/16     Premium Member   50 V-Coins

Hi, May I have the prices of your black pebbles per ton including delivery to South Africa.

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India India stone importer need China Granites ... 2018/6/16     Premium Member

I want same color as attched photo.
Tell me your best price

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UAE UAE stone importer need Greece Marbles ... 2018/6/16     Premium Member

How much slabs 2cm 3cm and
Delivery Jebel ali

Kyknos White Marble Slabs

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Portugal Portugal stone importer need Grey Marble Tiles ... 2018/6/16     Premium Member

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am looking for products with the following specifications:
Quantity required:1000 Square Meters
Destination port:Lisbon
Tile size : 75cm x 58cm x 3cm - MARBLE TILES
QTY required:1000 Square Meters
Please send offer
We need to know the price pe M2
Thank you
Kind regards

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