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USA USA stone importer need Granite Headstones ... 2018/4/20     Premium Member

I need a headstone asap but do you do the name and picture carving also

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United Kingdom United Kingdom stone importer need Portugal Granites ... 2018/4/20     Premium Member

Good afternoon
Can you supply the name of a UK stockist for Sienito Monchique.
Is it possible to get a sample?
My client wants to see the exact colour to get a match.

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Zimbabwe Zimbabwe stone importer need China Stone Flooring and Wall Tiles ... 2018/4/19     Premium Member

Would love to buy tiles from you
Can you give best tiles you have for dining, bedroom, kitchen(including walls) and toilets including walls

Egypt Egypt stone importer need China Onyx ... 2018/4/19     Premium Member

I am interested in your stone product Yellow Onyx Slabs, please give me price and details quickly.

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Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia stone importer need Italy Marble Tiles ... 2018/4/19     Premium Member

Salam .. I need parlato sicilia 60 x 60 .. 1500 sqm ... you have ? What is the price?

China China stone importer need Turkey Marbles ... 2018/4/19     Premium Member

hello, i am interest on turkey grey emperador and patara, we want buy block to our china market, pls quote us your best price per ton CNF xiamen port.

urgently, pls contact quickly.


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Iran Iran stone importer need Marble Blocks ... 2018/4/19     Premium Member

Im quarry owner and manufacturer in Iran and i need moon marble block
Please send me your price per ton

Italy Italy stone importer need India Marbles ... 2018/4/18     Premium Member

I am interested in the marble like attached photo, please send me infos about this material by email.

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India India stone importer need China Granites ... 2018/4/18     Premium Member   100 V-Coins

Hi. I am looking for the above colours from China.
Can u supply me this....?? Kindly give me price in my whatsapp

Chinese Grey granite
Coffee brown marble
Misty yellow granite
Beach red granite

All in slabs. Thickness 18, not below than that.
I have my yard in Qatar. I need prices for C&F Qatar.

Kuwait Kuwait stone importer need Marble Slabs ... 2018/4/18     Premium Member

Blue sky marble u have
Show various kinda and slab prices plz

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Pakistan Pakistan stone importer need Stone Machines ... 2018/4/18     Premium Member

We are looking for processing facilities in China to process White Marble blocks from our own quarry, into finished tiles/slabs(polished). For slabs we need Gang saw and for files Vertical Cutter.
If you have such facility, please send detailed quotation along with production capacity

Israel Israel stone importer need Stone Tiles, Ceramic Tiles ... 2018/4/18     Premium Member

we need for client in usa n.y.
stone tiles or creramic tiles
please talk to me this way

Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia stone importer need Quartzite Slabs ... 2018/4/18     Premium Member   50 V-Coins

Kindly quote price of this quartzite marble 250 square meters I need if u have other colors plz send me pictures of those

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South Korea South Korea stone importer need Vietnam Bluestones ... 2018/4/18     Premium Member   100 V-Coins

Dear Sir

One of my customer now finding attached Blue stone made in Vietnam.

Quantity:20ft x 5

If you are real manufacturer,please send me belows to my private email.

1.Company profile or website
2.Products,Packing pics as many as you can.
3.Quotation added HS code.
Please note that I can check email only.


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Italy Italy stone importer need Iran Marbles ... 2018/4/17     Premium Member

I visited your stone.
Please send me the dimension and type of stone for me.
Please specify the price.
i am waiting answer from you.

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Bahrain Bahrain stone importer need Greece Marbles ... 2018/4/17     Premium Member

I need to ask about width how many CM and cost per m2

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Mexico Mexico stone importer need Italy Marbles ... 2018/4/17     Premium Member

i need 1000 sqm in slabs in good price

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Poland Poland stone importer need White Marble Tiles ... 2018/4/17     Premium Member   100 V-Coins

Hi guys,
Im looking for low budget White/light marble in free length width 30 or 40 cm, 2 and 3 cm thickness - around 2000 sqm

Please pm for offers

Thank you and have a beautiful day ahead

Turkey Turkey stone importer need Pink Onyx ... 2018/4/17     Premium Member

Hello there

We need several pieces of PINK ONIX in echo measure, can you give price

Best Regarts

Pink Onyx

Pink Onyx

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Pakistan Pakistan stone importer need Vietnam Marbles ... 2018/4/17     Premium Member

Dear Sir,

We are interested to import Vietnam Pure White Marble Blocks from Vietnam.,

You are requested to please offer us your best best possible price along with
the quality and grade of the blocks.,

Thanking you in advance for your kind cooperation.

Best regards

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