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Rising Source stone?is one of the manufacturers of pre-fabricated granite, marble, onyx, agate and artificial stone. Our factory is located in Fujian in China, was founded in 2002 , and has a variety of automation equipment, such as cut blocks, slabs, tiles, waterjet, stairs, counter tops, table tops, columns, skirting, fountains, statues, mosaic tiles, and so on. The company offers excellent wholesale prices for commercial and residential projects.?Until today, we have completed many large projects around the world, including government buildings, hotels, shopping centers, villas, apartments, KTV rooms clubs, restaurants, hospitals and schools, among others, and have built a good reputation. We make every effort to meet strict requirements for selection of materials, processing, packing and shipping to ensure that high-quality items reach securely at your location. Xiamen Rising Source's highly skilled technical and professional staff, with years of experience in the stone industry, the service offer not only for stone support but also including project advice, technical drawings and so on.?We will always strive for your satisfaction.

Contact Person: Helen Chen
Company Name: Xiamen Rising Source Trading Co., Ltd.
Tel: 86 13806015457

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