10 Reasons To Use Travertine Pool Paving

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There are many different choices for swimming pool paving. Some are very inexpensive, such as concrete. Others are quite costly, such as natural stone set in mortar. They all have their advantages and disadvantages. However, travertine pavers have many attributes, particularly around a pool.

Here are the advantages and reasons they should be strongly considered.

1.Travertine pavers are cool to the touch. This means that when you walk barefoot they will not be hot on your feet. Many of the other paving materials do get hot, such as pavers and bluestone.

2.They come in very pretty colors. I work with the Andes Collection. Manchester is a beautiful, caramel color. If your home is brick with tan grout, the color will go well together. There are also two shades of gray available.

3.Travertine pavers come in different sizes and are completely square. They can be laid the same way that pavers are laid which is dry laid. There is no need to set them in concrete, except for the pool coping.

4.They are a natural stone. What could be nicer?

5.The pool copings come in two different widths. The 6' width is a good choice if the pool has many curves, as there will be fewer cuts. The 12' coping is wide and has a nice look. This one can be easily used for more geometric shaped pools. It can be used for curvilinear swimming pools, but there will be more cutting of the pieces, and there for it will be more time consuming for the contractor. By the way, not all of the colors have matching bullnose.

6.There are a variety of sizes and patio designs to choose from. London is a large pattern and nice for expansive areas. The largest size is 16'x24' and the smallest is 8'x8'. Large pieces of travertine are beautiful.

7.Matching tile is available in a multitude of sizes. This is very practical if the pool area has retaining walls or outdoor kitchens, as they can be faced with this for and interesting look. The material and colors can be the same, and yet different sizes can provide interest.

8.The cost is not the most expensive. The cost fall between dry laid brick and dry laid bluestone. It is closer in cost to bluestone. I will admit that pavers are less expensive.

9.It's a newer material and provides for a different kind of look.

10.It will not fade.

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