Abadeh Marble

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Main Color: Beige
Surface Finish: Polished
Pattern Style:

Reference Price: US$ 10 / M2
Shipping Port: BND
Minimum Order: 300 M2
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, PayPal, Credit Card

Packing Details: Based on customer request
Delivery Ability: FOB EXW DAP CIF

Abadeh marble is extracted in cream, pink and white cream color. Abadeh stone is often processed in longitude tile forms. various sorts of this stone are extracted from different highwalls. This stone is considered a suitable option by the constructors and the customers because of its bright color, elegant design and reasonable price. Resin and epoxy are used in the production process of Abadeh marble to strengthen and increase the glossary of the stone.

Types of Abadeh marble:

Abadeh cream stone
Abadeh pink cream stone
Stone wave of Abadeh
Rezaei Abade stone
Samimi Abade stone
Abadeh cotton flower stone

All these stones are presented and sold in the market under the title of Abadeh marble.

Application of Abadeh stone

Abadeh marble grants a feeling of peace, elegance, warmth and grandeur to your building. Interior stone facade and elevator borders are among the other uses of Abadeh marble stone. Abadeh marble is used in the building interior because of its beautiful color, reflectivity and reasonable price.

stone following of residential units
stone flooring of commercial and residential units
building interior wall facades
Stairs and parking flooring

Price of Abadeh marble

The price of Abadeh marble depends on several factors:

The more uniform the color of the stone, the higher the price
The price of raw stone varies from one Abadeh quarry to another
The thickness of the stone directly affects the price
The bigger the dimensions of Abadeh stone and the more accurate the cuts, the higher the price.
The processing quality of Abadeh stone including saw, cut and resin will greatly impact the price of the stone.
Sangabadeh mine
Abadeh marble quarries are located in Abarkooh region of Yazd province.

The price of Abade stone varies from one quarry to another in terms of color, design and price

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