About Artificial Marble

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Artificial marble is most often created by combining crushed marble or granite with gypsum, cement and polyester resin. This mixture of crushed rocks for filler, dyes and resin binder create the appearance of natural looking marble stone.

Artificial marble is also called cultured, composite, synthetic, or engineered marble and is the product of resourcefulness and the advancement of technology.

This man-made material can be made from the following (this depends on what the makers want to use and what are available):

* Small marble debris
* Stone powder
* Plastic
* Cement
* Quartz
* Sand
* Colophony
* Acrylic glue

These materials are mixed together under in vacuum under high pressure so as to solidify the solution into hard marble rocks. They are cost-effective and can be used in a variety of ways, from floors and walls to kitchen countertops and furniture.

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