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The Traonyx Stone is a limestone rock and is also a component of the metamorphic sedimentary rocks. In fact, it is a combination of marble and stone travertine. Absorption of water and compressive strenth and other parameters of construction stones in these rocks are similar to analysis of marble and travertine stones. Traonyx stone is cut in vein cut and rift cut in a variety of colors and designs. It should be noted that the rift cut stone has a greater resistance.

Traonyx stone can be used in most of the internal and external spaces of residential and commercial buildings like stairs, paving, facade, flooring, fireplace mantles and so on. Inside lobbles and interior decoration, backlighting creates a beautiful effect by passing light from the marble portions of the stone.

From features of traonyx high water absorption resistance, high abrasion resistance, highly polished and light transmitting capability can be mentioned.

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