Bianco statuario white marble tiles

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Stone Color: White

Surface Finish: Polished

We are a Top-level supplier of natural white marble, have our own quarry and factory, supply white marble and black marble blocks, tiles, slabs, mosaics, stone decoration lines and sculpture material.
We sell many kinds of stone: Oriental White( it can be compared to the bianco carrara), New Oriental White, China White, Baoxing White, Royal White Jade, Kangba Jade, Golden Thread Jade, Chinese Wood, France Wood, Van Gogh White(New carrara), Hilton, Landscape Painting( also called landscape jade).
1) We have been concentrating on stone industry for more than 10 years
2) quarry owner and full equipped processing machines
3) Experienced workers and efficient management team

Bianco statuario white marble tiles is Marble Tiles from China, welcome to buy Bianco statuario white marble tiles with good quality and price from China suppliers and manufacturers directly.

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