Black Basalt Sawn Cube Stone Basalt B1

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Main Color: Black
Pattern Style:
Surface Finish: Flamed

Reference Price: US$ / M2
Update Time: 2022/2/6
Shipping Port:
Minimum Order: 100 M2
Payment Terms: T/T

Packing Details: Sawn Cube Stone is packed on pallets weighing 1.5-2 tons.
Delivery Ability: truck 22-23 tons

Sawn Cube Stone from Basalt of Ivano-Dolynske deposit (B1) has all smooth sides, which allows you to get the smoothest and most stable surface with minimal seams. This paving is convenient for creating patterns of the correct architectural form with clear straight lines. It can have different thicknesses and is universal for paving large and small areas, pedestrian areas and roads.
Usage: Widely used in building, driveway, road, walkway, square, patio, courtyard, landscaping etc.
Advantages of Ukrainian Basalt paving stone:
very low grain size and maximum solid black color.
durability (squares of many European cities are paved with Ukrainian basalt and granite decades or even hundreds of years ago. it easily withstands vibration and traffic loads, atmospheric processes).
environmental friendliness (does not harm the environment unlike asphalt and other coatings).
fast and simple paving (does not require special dimensions), which is especially important for the arrangement of narrow medieval streets and courtyards of private houses.
the possibility of reuse (common in European cities is the practice of reconstruction of ancient squares and streets with cobblestones, which lay underfoot for many years).
the ability to create a variety of patterns and mosaics through a combination of stone of different breeds and colors.
Common packing: Sawn Cube Stone is packed on pallets weighing 1.5-2 tons.
Popular size: 10*10*10 cm, 20*10*10 cm, 10*10*8 cm, 20*10*8 cm, 10*10*5 cm, 20*10*5 cm, 10*10*3 cm, 20*10*3 cm.
We also have a Cobblestone of other types of stone and colors: Gabbro (black), Black Ice Granite (black), Grey Ukraine Granite (grey), Rosa Raveno Granite (red).
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Export Markets: North America, Western Europe, Middle East, Australia, South America, Central America, Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, Northern Europe, Asia, Africa etc.

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