Black Granite Building Plate Gabbro Gb9

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Main Color: Black
Surface Finish: Flamed
Pattern Style:

Reference Price: US$ / M2
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Minimum Order: 100 M2
Payment Terms: T/T

Packing Details: Stone Plates are packed on pallets weighing 1.5-2 tons.
Delivery Ability: truck 22-23 tons

Building Plate (Slab) from Gabbro (Granite) of Bukivske deposit (Gb9) is a status material in construction for finishing surfaces of walls, floors, stairs, entrance groups, window sills, countertops, fireplaces etc. Depending on the purpose of use it can combinesurfaces with various finishing (under the order): polished, natural (chipped), sandblasted, flamed.
Usage: Widely used in building of stairs and steps, walls, floors, entrance groups, window sills, countertops, fireplacesetc.
Advantages of Granite pavement:
durability (does not require significant care, painting, varnishing).
moisture resistance makes stone slabs indispensable for facing the base of buildings.
resistance to temperature changes makes natural stone slabs especially valuable in the installation of chimneys, fireplaces and braziers. When heated, natural stone slabs do not emit substances dangerous to human health.
non-perception of sunlight - natural stone does not lose color and shine in contrast to painted surfaces.
does not cause allergic reactions, which is especially important when creating interiors.
aristocratic status.
Common packing: Stone Plates are packed on pallets weighing 1.5-2 tons.
Popular size: 30*30*10 cm, 60*40*10 cm, 30*30*8 cm, 60*40*8 cm, 30*30*5 cm, 60*40*5 cm, 30*30*3 cm, 60*40*3 cm, 30*30*2 cm, 60*40*2 cm.
We also have a Pavement of other types of stone and colors: Basalt (black), Gabbro (black), Black Ice Granite (black), Rosa Raveno Granite (red), Maple Red (red), Rosso Santiago Granite(red).
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