Black Granite Labradorite Kerbstone Black Ice L

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Main Color: Black
Surface Finish: Sawn
Pattern Style:

Reference Price: US$ / Piece
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Minimum Order: 100 Piece
Payment Terms: T/T

Packing Details: Kerbstone is packed on pallets weighing 1.5-2 tons.
Delivery Ability: truck 22-23 tons

Granite Kerb (curb) from Granite Black Ice (L7) is an integral building element in the arrangement of streets, driveways, walkways,squares, sidewalks, paths, lawns.
Usage: Widely used in building, driveway, road, walkway, square, parking, landscaping etc.
Advantages of Ukrainian Granite paving stone:
durability (does not require significant care, painting, varnishing).
non-perception of sunlight - natural stone does not lose color and shine in contrast to painted surfaces.
can be further heat treated to reduce sliding on a wet surface.
in addition to the traditional rectangular can have a radial shape, which helps to create flexible lines of cascading transitions of surfaces.
aristocratic status.
Common packing: Kerbstone is packed on pallets weighing 1.5-2 tons.
Popular size: 30*15*L cm, 20*15*L cm, 20*10*L cm, 20*8*L cm (70L120 cm).
We also have a Kerbstone of other types of stone and colors: Gabbro (black), Grey Ukraine Granite (grey), Maple Red (red).
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