Black Olive - Black Marble

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Main Color: Black
Surface Finish: Polished
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Dark colored stones such as black marbles can be used as a decorative element in buildings. Especially when black marbles are used together with light-colored stones, since the products contrast each other in color, they visually explode each other and thus gain a striking beauty. In this sense, the use of black marble gains the feature of being an important tool in carrying the beauty of the building to a higher point.. black marbleAnother important feature of the lamps is their ability to reflect their brilliance. In the production process, dark colored marbles such as black marbles give high gloss values ??after polishing. Our black marbles, which can be exported in high quantities both as processed products and as raw materials, are concentrated in and around the Central Anatolia region. Mugla black. This marble, which can be used in all indoor and outdoor areas, is combined with Mu?la white and Patara beige marble, creating a very beautiful appearance. Mu?la black marble stands out as the most popular black marble in Turkey. It is also named as Mu?la black marble, Mu?la crystal black marble, Mu?la black emperor marble, Mu?la black gray marble, European black marble, Kavakl?dere black marble, Turkish Carrara black marble. It is used in many projects with peace of mind. Kütahya black marble, its name is black, is actually in dark blue or dark dark blue tones. Kütahya black, which has a much stronger structure than other black stones, can be seen as sill marble, coating, flooring, marble sink in many projects. Adranos black marble is a kind of black marble mined in Turkey. Adranos black marble is especially preferred for exterior – interior wall and floor applications, counter tops, mosaics, fountains, pool and wall coverings, stairs, window sills. Adranos is also known as black. Bursa black is used as the main marble type in many projects due to its clear color tones and the harmonious combination of black and white colors. Bursa Uluda? Black, dark black base color on thick thin white veins are located along the plate.

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