Blue Granite Countertops

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Blue granite kitchen countertops provide a sense of calm in exterior spaces. Often compared to the ocean, their swirling patterns evoke dynamic movement on kitchen surfaces and add tranquility to bathrooms. Their color intensity and patterns range from deeply saturated blues and strong veins to lighter and more muted tones, depending on what look you're after.

#1. Amadeus Granite
Origin: India, Finland, and Brazil
Price: $50 / square foot

Dominated by black and gray with beautiful dark red and green shades, Amadeus is a medium-grained granite stone. It's ideal for those desiring kitchen countertops with darker markings. Like a musical overture, its dramatic veining swirls and flows across its surface, generating a dense pattern that almost looks as though it's moving water.

Amadeus granite adds splendor and flow to otherwise static countertop surfaces. It's a creative option for large spaces as its kinetic sweeps of blue tones against a pale background can be overbearing for smaller spaces unless you want a statement countertop.

#2. Blue Pearl Granite
Origin: Norway
Price: $50 / square foot

Pearl Blue Granite's distinct markings look a bit like short brush marks. It contains a large percentage of duck-egg blue blotches against a dark gray to a black background. As coarse-grained granite, its feldspar crystals reflect light causing an iridescently magical effect that mimics mother-of-pearl.

This captivating stone with blue overtones is an eye-catching alternative to black and white granite. Distinctive and rare, Blue Pearl does have varying undertones. Its pattern is not always densely packed. certain areas of the stone may have lighter blue textures than others contributing to its dazzling look and feel.

#3. Brass Blue Granite
Origin: India
Price: $45 / square foot

Admired from afar, Brass Blue granite reads like an aerial view of large sea swells. It has a dark background with white patches and smaller swirls of gray and black. It is a medium variation granite stone whose various sized blue veins running across its surface produce a deep elegant pattern accentuated by sharp fragments.

This beautiful granite has a cool undertone that works well in most interiors, especially for those who are fond of blue. It is suitable for interior and exterior applications. Brass Blue granite also contrasts with gold and copper fixtures, whereas brass fixtures and decor accessories will bring out its natural tones.

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