Bordeaux Pebble & Gravel Flouray Bordo Stone

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Material Type: Pebblestone 55 Likes   Likes

Main Color: Red
Surface Finish: Tumbled
Pattern Style:

Reference Price: US$ / M2
Shipping Port: ?zmir Ports / Turkey
Minimum Order: Container Ton
Payment Terms:

Packing Details: 25 kg PP Bags, 20 kg PP Bags, 25 kg Mesh Bag, BigBag, Bulk, Wire Cage, Divided Wire Cage, Wooden Cra
Delivery Ability: Full Container, Partial Shipment, Seaway, Roadway

Decorative natural Bordeaux stones for gardens, ponds, indoor-outdoor designs, landscape projects, aquariums, and more.

Our Standard Sizes: 20*40 mm (2*4 cm), 40*60 mm (4*6 cm), 50*100 mm (5*10 cm), 100*300 mm ( 10*30 cm), 600+ mm (60+cm)

Different dimensions are also available.

Other sizes are arranged according to the needs/projects of the customers.

Can be supplied in Tumbled and Rock shapes.

Please check our other stones/products for more variety.

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