Brown Granite Countertops

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Brown granite countertops colors come in rich mixes and natural colors offering comforting, earthy tones. Incredibly versatile, brown granite stone is available in deep chocolate to cappuccino shades, with brown sometimes making up to more than 50 of the dominant color. Lighter stone deposits catch the light, adding sparkle to this luxurious stone that's perfect for urban and provincial homes.

#1. African Ivory Granite Countertop
Origin: South Africa
Price: $55 / square foot

African Ivory granite pairs well with a variety of cabinet colors, from light to dark wood, white, and nearly black cabinets. Its delicate waves of ivory and gold blend perfectly with translucent quartz and splashes of bluish-gray that are sometimes even purple.

Its unique combination of popular granite colors provides an earthy tone that can unify just about any wooden cabinets or furniture in bathrooms and kitchens. With softer colors, it leans towards modern and classic designs. Its natural coloring also makes for durable flooring. While quarried in warm climates, it's still strong enough to endure all temperatures, no matter how hot or cold.

#2. Coffee Brown Granite
Origin: India
Price: $39 / square foot

As one of the most interesting granite stones on the market, Coffee Brown granite carries the same color palette as ground coffee beans. Rich and alluring, it has a low variation, meaning its patterns remain relatively consistent. This understated stone is less severe than black and will make any environment warm and cozy.

Coffee Brown granite is an excellent choice for designers and homeowners who prefer a consistent pattern and focussed palette. This granite matches with light to medium wood or cream cabinets and is relatively cheaper than other brown granite on the market.

#3. Chocolate Bordeaux Granite
Origin: Brazil
Price: $70 / square foot

This complex stone has a rich palette of wine colors, hence its name. Its striking patterns combine waves and linear motion with subtle variation. Often considered the wild card of the Bordeaux granite family, its large quantities of quartz create dimension and depth as its rose and chocolate-colored lines meander across the stone.

Chocolate Bordeaux granite can look very different from slab to slab, so it's recommended that designers take its natural patterns to flow into consideration. Sometimes this stone can have a brick orange undertone. Generally, Chocolate Bordeaux has a warm effect.

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