CS004 Basalt Wall Cladding Panel

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Volcanic involves Basalt, Andesite, and Lava stone, some kind of eco-friendly natural building stone. It has incomparable advantages than other granites and marbles because of its characteristics of low radioactivity, noise and light reduction and absorption, resistance to freezing, abrasion and corrosion resistance. All these advantages make Lava stone as a suitable and nice material for human living environment and used in buildings, residential decoration, garden and landscape apply etc.

Material of Panel: Basalt + White Marble

Processing: Natural, Pattern Match Brick

Panel Size:600x150x(10-18)mm

Weight: about 26kg/box,

Quantity in box: 0.63m2

Corner Size:(200-400)x150x(10-18)mm

Weight: about 26kg/box

Quantity in box: 0.63m2

CS004 Basalt Wall Cladding Panel is Culture Stone from China, welcome to buy CS004 Basalt Wall Cladding Panel with good quality and price from China suppliers and manufacturers directly.

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