Cheap Ways to Make Pebble Stone Walls

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Build Your Own

Building a pebble stone wall is not a difficult process, especially if you know how to install ceramic tile. If you live near the ocean or close to a river, stream, or rock quarry, you can probably find all the pebbles you need for free. You can also purchase a pebble mold and create your own pebbles out of inexpensive poured concrete. Once you have collected enough pebbles for your wall, mix a batch of thin-set mortar, or purchase premixed thin-set from your local home improvement center. Apply thin-set to the wall surface with a metal trowel, and press the pebbles into the thin-set in any pattern you desire. Allow the thin-set to cure according to the package instructions and apply grout to the pebble surface to seal the joints.

Pebble Veneer Tiles

If you don't have the time or the resources to gather your own stones and pebbles, consider using pebble tile veneers. Many companies manufacture ceramic tiles that are designed to look just like a natural pebble stone wall. In some cases, the tile may be manufactured with authentic pebbles adhered to the surface of the tile. Other manufacturers may utilize a process that creates a faux stone with results that are attractive with a reasonable price tag. Look for close-out deals and liquidation sales to get an even better bargain.

Pebble Mosaics

If you want the look of truly realistic pebbles without the work and hassle of gathering them or making them yourself, purchase pebble mosaics. Several manufacturers offers a variety of pebble mosaics in both polished and unpolished versions and a variety of sizes ranging from miniature pebbles less than a centimeter in diameter to small pebbles 1 to 2 centimeters in size and larger 2 to 3 centimeter pebbles. You can choose real stone pebbles or select glass pebbles that fit with your decor. The pebble mosaics are typically arranged on a mesh net backing that can easily be trimmed to the right size and shape for your wall, and most start at around $8 to $10 a square foot at your local home improvement store.

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