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Main Color: Black
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Surface Finish: Natural

Reference Price: US$ 35 - 80 / Ton
Update Time: 2021/2/7
Shipping Port: Hamburg Port
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Payment Terms: T/T, L/C

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We do supply products of high quality, meeting customers expectations and also as per clients requirements.
- Sulfate Resistant Clinker:
It typically includes 76 Alite, 5 Belite, 2 Tricalcium Aluminate, 16 Tetracalcium Aluminoferrite, and 1 free Calcium Oxide. Although its production has been decreased in the last few years since sulfate resistance can simply be gained by using Granulated Blast Furnace Slag (GBFS) in cement manufacture
- Low Heat Clinker:
It typically includes 29 Alite, 54 Belite, 2 Tricalcium Aluminate and 15 Tetracalcium Aluminoferrite, with very little Free Lime. It is no longer produced since cement produced from ordinary clinker and Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag (GGBFS) has exceptional low heat features.
- White Clinker:
It includes 76 Alite, 15 Belite, 7 Tricalcium Aluminate, no Tetracalcium Aluminoferrite, and 2 free lime, nonetheless the compound may vary extensively.
White clinker is used in the production of white cement which is applied for artistic targets in construction.
- Low-alkali Clinker:
When the amount of Total Alkalies is less than 0.6 It is appropriate for the production of Low Alkali Cement, Cement type I, II and V.
Also, it profits concrete in resisting the alkali silica response and is mainly used in a structure that needs to be moisture resistant, for instance, airports, runways, and dams.
- Belite Calcium Sulfoaluminate Ternesite (BCT):
This perception is used in manufacturing a type of clinker with up to 30 less carbon dioxide release. Energy efficiency advances and the electricity charges for the manufacturing procedure are about 15 less as well.

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